An Ancient Peace, by Tanya Huff


An Ancient Peace, by Tanya Huff

Published October 6, 2015 by DAW

An Ancient Peace finds Tanya Huff returning to Gunnery Sargeant Torin Kerr and her team of Marines, as they continue to work to keep the Confederation safe from a new threat. This might seem a little surprising, as their last outing brought an end to the intergalactic war the Confederation was taking part in. For Torin and crew, this mostly just means the name on their paycheques have changed form the Marine Corps to the Justice Department, but otherwise things are very similar.

For a lot of series like this, that amount of similarity would be a sign that the series was starting to get stale or boring. That’s definitely not the case here, though; Huff manages to keep the story fun and engaging throughout, primarily through her ability to create interesting characters that it’s easy for the audience to empathize with. It’s clear who the villains are and who we should be cheering for, but all of the characters are given equal treatment on the characterization front.

For readers new to this series (it’s labelled as part one of the Peacemaker series, but is really a continuation of the five┬ápart Confederation series by the same author), An Ancient Peace might be the most fun you’ll have with a book this year. For entrenched fans of the series, it’s more of what you already loved, with just enough of a new direction to keep things interesting.

(editorial note: a special thanks to the folks at Penguin Publishing Group for providing a copy of this book for review)