Nigh 1, by Marie Bilodeau

Nigh 1
Marie BilodeauNigh+-+Book+1
Published January 2015 by S&G Publishing

Nigh 1 is the first portion of a serialized urban fantasy novel by Marie Bilodeau. It centres around Alva, a young mechanic who begins to be drawn into the world of the supernatural.

Time plays an interesting role through Nigh. This is true on a literal level – a watch is the artifact most central to the plot – but also on a deeper level. Alva is presented as a character situated at a temporal crossroads, who draws strength from her deep connection to her family history but who at the same time wants dearly to escape from it.

An interesting element of Nigh is how threatening the supernatural elements feel. It’s not horrifying, by any means, but it is presented as something dangerous – and given Alva’s affinity for technology, it will be interesting to see how that tension develops throughout the rest of the story

With Nigh, Bilodeau provides an intriguing and enticing inroduction to a modern fantasy rooted in classic storytelling conventions. For those interested in reading a serialized story, it promises to be an interesting story experience.


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